(almost) championship cake

I think it goes without saying that the Super Bowl didn’t go the way I wanted. I guess it’s too much to ask for two rings in one year… and if I said that Sunday night, I didn’t watch the Bruins Stanley Cup DVD with my ring, I would be lying.

But one thing that did go the way I wanted? The cake I slaved over. No really, I’m not sure when the last time I undertook something this time-consuming was. Except maybe a raspberry-chocolate layer cake I made over the summer, this seemed to drag on forever. One of my friends not-so-gently pointed out that it was probably the anticipation of kickoff making everything seem extra intense.

Either way, I’m glad I had something to channel my nerves into creating. I made the cake and the frosting (a quick buttercream) from scratch, and it was as delicious as I hoped.

Originally, it was a peace offering cake. Around the end of the fourth quarter, around a backwards touchdown (thanks, Bradshaw)– actually, who am I kidding. Around the time they cut to Tyree on the Giants’ sidelines and my stomach dropped, it became a comfort cake.

But no matter the outcome, I’m still pretty proud of my Super Bowl cake. And it reminded me- I have yet to make a hockey-themed baked good! I’m not sure how that’s possible, either.




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