chocolate PB nutella cake


This is not health food.

This is not weight loss-friendly, it’s not kind to your swimsuit figure and it definitely won’t aid you in those skinny jeans.

It is pure decadence. It’s the kind of food that makes you want to eat a salad for every meal until the end of time, just so that you can eat a slice of this incredibly rich cake and not feel guilty.

Sometimes you need this kind of food. And there is a way to justify it: the end result is so rich (almost too rich) that just a tiny sliver will satisfy you.

Until you eat some more within the next hour.

It’s an easy cake though. Steps are as follows:

chocolate PB nutella cake 

1. Make your favorite brownie mix. Mine is my grandmother’s recipe, it involves sifting and melting chocolate over a double boiler. It’s great. Add peanut butter chips, or Reese’s Pieces, to the batter – because why not?

Bake the brownies in a sheet cake pan. This will make a very, veeeery thin end result, so make sure you spray the pan liberally with baking spray.




2. While the brownies are cooking and cooling, whip a carton of heavy whipping cream into, well, whipped cream.

Fold Nutella into it. I used almost the whole jar because why not? Be gentle during this process, but make sure it’s mixed completely.




3. When the cake cuts out, cut it in half, hamburger-style. Spread the top of one half with your Nutella mixture and stack the halves.

Cut the cake in half again. Trust me. “Frost” and stack again.

Now frost the sides. You’ll have a short and stubby chocolate cake. Four layers of goodness. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour so it can all set – and it should be stored in the fridge, too.

Feel free to get creative with sprinkles. And make sure you have a giant glass of milk on hand when you devour your end result.



staking my kitchen claim

There’s something about moving into a new place that, after the dust has settled, the boxes have been unpacked and personal belongings arranged just so, is inherently exciting.

I’ve felt that small thrill every time I’ve move in somewhere new- dorm room to dorm room to dorm room and now, in my first apartment.

It’s a studio. The walls are really thin, the light in the kitchen only works every other day, the water isn’t always hot, and it’s only mine until August, at which point I’ll cease subletting and move back into a dorm. But it’s mine, and I like coming home at the end of the day to a space that feels like me.

It also has a kitchen with a dishwasher. That’s a whole new world of amazing for me, and one that prompted a serious cooking and baking explosion. Incidentally, you can see the things I’ve created in the kitchen on my Pinterest board!

Things I’ve made so far this summer:

Chocolate peanut butter banana bread- unsurprisingly, I was more interested in the chocolate and PB than the banana.

Zucchini-parmesean cakes and salad with cherries and goat cheese.

Peach cupcakes with peach buttercream frosting. The manpower and sheer strength of will it took to make these cannot be overstated.

Strawberry-raspberry rhubarb crumble.

Chocolate PB cookies with oreo chunks and chocolate chips

And lest I forget my real home: Massachusetts cookies.